Thursday, October 17, 2013

My own blog

WOW. Finally I made it. I took the step and launched my own blog.
I feel great and so excited!
For my first outfit post on "Dressy Ever After" I've chosen one of my favorite dresses.
Though first of all, I want to tell you something about my "fashion philosophy".
I am a unbelievably girlish girl, if you take a look inside my closet you will discover a huge amount of different dresses and skirts in all colours and shapes but you will only detect one pair of jeans and some leggins.
That's who I am. A girl who's in love with flattering robes instead of squeezing herself into uncomfortable pants.
If it's fun for you to get inspiration for suitable and preppy outfits the whole year round, I would be pleased to keep you as my reader of "dressy ever after" :)


A kiss to my beloved boyfriend and photographer <3
dress: asos
cardigan: h&m
thigts: calzedonia
shoes: unknown
lipstick: kiko
necklace: accessorize

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